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License BioCyc Data Files

For each BioCyc database (DB), we provide a collection of data files in multiple formats to allow you to obtain files in a format that is best suited to your needs. All formats provided are ASCII text files.

Note that Pathway Tools licensees can generate flat file versions of any PGDB using the Pathway/Genome Navigator commands under File > Export.

Data File Format Specification

Click here for a listing of all files provided and their formats.

Minimum Requirements

  • Operating System: any

  • Disk space required depends on how many DBs you download:

    • Tier 1 DBs (EcoCyc and MetaCyc): 163 MB
    • Tier 1 and Tier 2 DBs: 532 MB
    • Full open BioCyc collection: 3.8 GB
  • Execute the License

    • The full BioCyc Tier 1-3 DB collection is freely and openly available to all users. Click here to proceed with the click-through license agreement.